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Leartes Shall Make SURE He's King!

Last night, I had a Hamlet dream. It took place near the end of the play. Except it was a little different.

Leartes had had enough with this mental prince who offed his dad, which resulted in his sister dying. He put Hamlet in a small cage (like a human could stand in it, and that's all for room) at gun point. Then he took him out to the sea, where his demanded answers for what happened. Except the moment Hamlet opened his mouth and got about three words out, Leartes would have him dunked - and I mean, kept him underwater a LONG time - and let him back up. This went on for ages. Then they went back to the castle, Leartes finally gets fed up with Hamlet trying to talk, and shoots him. Dies instantly with his eyes open. Someone asks, "What shall we do with the body?" and Leartes says, "I don't care, the fucking bastard."
The Master

Klutz Time!

We seem to be off to a good start. In November, Ma tripped down stairs outside of church. She was out of commision for weeks, while I did all the chores til I thought I'd go insane. Then one day, I was bending over the bed, reaching out to my dog, and I promptly threw out my back for three weeks. We're not doing well.
The Master

Where Have I Been?

Oh, pumpkins, I am so late with posting.

This summer I had the thrilling adventure of having a hysterectomy after precancerous cells were found in my uterus. Lately I've had the thrill of a giant bill (over $2,000) that, despite half being covered by Medicare, the hospital seems to refuse to believe that fact. Am also getting help possibly - If I'm accepted - to cover the rest of the bill.

Besides that? Let's say I'm broke because I have to help Ma out more with the bills. She got a new car (2017), but with the new car came a new car price that she couldn't pay on her own. Both of us being so broke means no presents for Christmas. Which I suppose leads one to be more religious for the holiday, and isn't it about Jesus in the first place. Still. Woulda been nice to give at least one gift to everybody.

I'm still on my knitting spree, working between three shawls (one for me, the other two being prayer shawls) and making prayer patches, which is crocheting.

I might mention that it's finally gettin cold and windy, as it always does at the last week of October. Predictable as fog on Christmas morning.
The Master

Guess Where I've Been?

Lordy lordy help me.

I've been to Providence about a hundred and eighty five times. The reason: To see a doctor and go to a hospital to have a hysterectomy. It seems there was precancerous cells growing, and I didn't like that and thought, "Getting rid of body parts I'm not using won't bother me any." Due to a high pain tolerance, I didn't need any kind of drugs that smack you back to the stone age. So now I have five scabs with stitches sticking out, covered with a "glue", on my stomach. I'm not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds (there goes hugging my doggie for a while), so I can't lug my laundry anywhere. Otherwise, except for one scab over my belly button driving me crazy, I'm doing very well. Ma, however, is a stressed out mess, doing my chores as well as hers.
The Master

On Another Adventure

Postponed due to rain on the day I wanted to go, yesterday I went on another excursion by myself on West Main Road. Ma dropped me off at Barnes and Noble.

Located next to a pet shop & a craft shop. Why would you need to go anywhere else?

What I got at the book shop this week. Yes, I'm on a Sherlock kick. Maybe if Netflix kept up to date with its seasons of Doctor Who, I wouldn't be blowing all my money on a different series.

Amoungst the things I saw walking towards town, I saw the sad sight of a dead bunny rabbit. He looked perfectly fine except for a hind leg bending all kinds of backwards. My destination was Appleby's, except they didn't open for 20 minutes. So I made a side trek to CVS for a Cherry Coke.

Half a bottle of Cherry Coke later, I reached my destination. No, Howard Johnson's isn't a restaurant, just a hotel. Go find your Ho Jos Potatoes somewhere else.

Last stop of the tour: Middletown Library. Home of the loudest librarian helping someone and the most annoying man who hummed while he was online.

Ma picked me up (late) because we now own a new (old/used) car. Ma had brought ours in for an oil change and the bottom was rotted to hell, something about the thing holding the wheel being broke and they couldn't lawfully let us drive away with such a death trap. How they found a car to replace it so fast is anyone's guess, and according to Ma, we're going to be living super tight in order to make the car payments. This would not be the first time we're lived on a tight budget. We live on one now, so it's going to be extra insanely tight in the future. Time to play War again. Sigh.
The Master

Easter 2016.

First, it was waking up at 7. Because church starts at 10 today and I forgot to reset my clock. We had cinnimon rolls for breakfast (yay!). We got dressed in our finest (well, "finest" for us. I got a new green shirt for $7 to wear) and proceeded to get to church a half hour early due to lack of parking. Luckily, the choir was rehearsing, so we weren't bored.

We got home but no rest; we had to figure out Lucy's doggy crate in the car, along with Easter baskets for everyone and a fold up rocking chair for Ma. We were to have Easter lunch at Brother & Lady Fair's (with Cousin Nick as a special guest). Once there we began the saga of who's ordering what from the Chinese takeaway a block from their house. Having Chinese food for Easter is a No-Tradition-Like-A-New-Tradition* that I started a few years ago, after Ma had a slight breakdown making Easter dinner one year.

After dinner, Ma retired to the living room while everyone else played a round of Munchkin. Brother had to be coached a bit against us more experienced players.

After hard work of being beaten by Nick for the billionth time, we had some cake that Lady Fair baked.

And then, the Easter baskets!

*Crow T. Robot, Mystery Science Theater 3000.
The Master

Christmas 2015.

Time to see what I done did fer Christmas, I reckon. (Okay, I'll stop.)

First thing, see Ma's Hummel creche that was put up during the night by Santa.

Then we have corn muffins. This is Ape Law.

A glimpse of the tree, which Santa or one of his elves provided.

Ma opening presents.

Me and my loot.

I DID get a coloring book! YAY!

After Ma & I had Christmas in the morning, we went to Brother and Lady Fair's house for Christmas dinner and round two of presents. Lady Fair made the table settings. After a turkey dinner to stuff the most die hard of turkey eaters, we went to the living room to open  presents.

Brother and Lady Fair's Christmas tree.

Lady Fair.


Lucy in a festive bow.

I cannot begin to tell you how many presents I got from them, except they filled three grocery store bags. But then, it WAS a cross between Christmas and birthday presents. I got plenty of choccies, a nice hairband (which I instantly used, as my hair is driving me crazy) and a nerd's dream come true and I'm not sure how they knew what it was, the Van Gogh painting of the TARDIS blowing up. Only problem is finding a place to hang it.

After presents we had chocolate pie (well, Brother had something called razzleberry pie). Quite full and content.
Merry Christmas!
The Master

(no subject)

There's only so much trying to be optimistic for Ma lately, and I've blown a gasket.

First there's no Christmas tree, which sucks but we have something in its stead. It's not the best, but it's that or nothing. Then every now and then Ma says how there aren't going to be many presents this year (which she says every year) and I tell her that's okay, that's not what Christmas is about anyway. (Last year she gave me about 5 presents and I was plenty happy.)

Today she breaks down crying because she says we can't afford to go to McGovern's for my birthday, but I've grown up with disappointment on my birthday and sometimes we celebrate birthdays nowhere close to the actual day. So no worries. She still cries.

THEN she brings up going to a Christmas Tea the same day as "Elf" playing free at Pickens. I swallow a big gulp of, "Well, there goes THAT plan I was looking forward to" and have to look optimistic as usual, because she doesn't have money for the tickets and then brings up that somehow I'm supposed to be holding $25 from an aborted movie watching. I don't know when the hell THAT was, but I sure the hell am not holding that money. So I tell her no problem, I'll take the money out of my account, and then she starts crying again about how I shouldn't do that, I don't have that kind of money to give, we'll just not go, she doesn't care. Pout pout cry. To which I tell her, "Yes, you DO care."

And all this emotional baggage comes with me while I going to the knitting group. I could barely look up the whole time I was there, could barely smile. She is just wearing me down with her negativity and crying jags. I don't know what to do.

The Master

Halloween House

If you visit Newport, RI in October, you must make the annual pilgramage to Ellery St. (Actually, this is also true for December.) Every October they have a graveyard on their front lawn, inflatables in the back, and a new theme each year with new gadgets. This is the theme is the Avengers. The theme in the back yard is the Peanuts Halloween, with a Linus who appears to be the bastard child of Quagmire and a vampire doing Hamlet. On with the show!