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Ups & Downs

To put it bluntly, my pumpkins, your friend here is doing well and not well.

My knee is almost back to normal (it still has issues with kneeling, so it's a little awkward at church). While shopping one day (with the knee still hurting and me still ging to PT), my arm can be as described as.. well.. a muscle felt like it dropped from where it should be and caused me pain. I thought, just like my ankle, I'd be over it soon. until it kept hurting for a month.

Which is when I saw my doctor, who had me get x rays (nothing on the x rays), so she sent me back the the PT place I was before. They looked me and poked and prodded while asking me what happened and how it hurt, and then came t the conclusion that I have deltoid busitis. I have no idea what that means. I looked it up, and the description still didn't help. All I can say is it's a pain in the butt trying to reach behind me with my left arm (why is it always the left side?) and to be blunt agan, my pumpkins, putting a bra on and off is a feat of magic in itself.

Now I have new arm exercises to do along with my knee exercises. *sigh*
The Master

Photo Challenge, Day 7.

Ah, the end of my week of photos. I like doing these challenges from time to time, and the end happens with the appearance of the wild turkeys who hung out in our backyard all day, resting under the trees.

The male and female (in the background near the trees) turkeys.

"Gimpy", as Ma calls him.

Random featheer found on the ground.


The date.

The Master

Photo Challenge, Day 5.

Waking up to House.

Photo of me & Christine on my bedroom door. Well, the flash ruined her part of the picture. Sorry, Christine!

Lit tart burner. Unfortunately, the flash ruined the shot. Again.

Bench outside the house.

Behold! I haz money!

Ice pack on my knee.
The Master

Photo Challenge, Day 4.

My prayeer shawl in progress.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry gals.

Cardi's. A local beloved store run by Nirope (Nick, Ron & Peter) which has "iDelivery". Whatever the hell that means.

Someone's just tarred a parking lot. Love the smell of fresh, hot tar,

Four bags full of Holly bush clippings, and it hardly looks like we made a dent.

Tuna sammich with fries. Nummers!
The Master

Photo Challenge, Day 2.

Look! It's an actual working pay phone i've heard about only in legends!

Coffee milk, the Official State Drink of Rhode Island. I'm not kidding. There was voting involved. Del's Lemonade came in second, and is known as the Unofficial State Drink.

Our door.

My calendar of stuff I gotta do.

Where we spend most of our time and money.

Waiting at the bank drive through.
The Master

Photo Challenge, Day 1.

Haven't done this in a while, but the photo challenge is to take 6 pictures every day for a week.Test you camera chops. So here's mine.

Let's start with 7 in the morning and the house's temperature. It was ten degrees colder outside.

They're working on fixing the roof at my church.

Church paper listing a section of people to pray for. We included my friend and her daughter, who unfortunetly has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia at the age of 13. If you'd like to hel them, here's the Facebook group to do just that:

This is the front window of our church. Sorry, but this is the clearest I can make it (Jesus and deciples on a boat).

This is Bill from church. He's 87 and sings songs like this while in the parish guild hall:

Oh, the liquor was spilt on the barroom floor
And the bar was closed for the night
When out of the hole came a little brown mouse
And sat in the pale moon light

He lapped up the liquor on the barroom floor
And back on his haunches he sat
And all night long you could hear him roooooar
Bring on the god damned cat!

And lastly, here's what I watched today. The last disc of Stranger Things 2.
The Master

Knee, Part 2!

I went for PT in April, then had to wait a whole month for my insurane to cover June's PT.I had to get an MRI of my knee, but won't get results until I see a doctor. Because just sendng me a letter in the mail or calling me to tell me the results would be difficult, for some reason. *SIGH*