Snakes On A Cane

Ma Had A Bad Night.

So it's 11:30 PM last night. I'm starting to watch The Lying Detective when I hear loud cursing coming from the other end of the house. Normally when I hear Ma swear, I stay away from her until it dies down, instead of getting my head bit off. But those felt different somehow; the cursing didn't lessen, like when a child keeps fake crying for attention. The curiouisity got me, and I went out to see what was wrong.

Ma was lying face down on the kitchen floor, grabbing her leg. I instantly went to the freezer to get an ice pack, thinking she got another one of her killer leg cramps in the thigh. She waved it away and explained that she spilt some juice from a roast in the crockpot on the floor, and when she came back with a towel to clean it up, she slipped in it and fell. She landed on her tailbne and hit her head on the mini freezer. I didn't even hear her fall.

Extrermely long story short, she couldn't turn around and get on her knees tp get up. We tried a chair in the kitchen but she decided to try the couch in the living room (it's low). I'm not sure how many tries and fails she did, but she did eventually manage to get up. This was about 1 AM now. We cleaned the mess off the floor (and all over the outside and INSIDE of the oven) where it spilt.

Goodness knows why at this hour, but I decided to return to watchng The Lying Detective instead of sleep. At 3 AM, I wake up to Ma screeching my name. Turns out her thigh decided to scream bloody murder at her anhyway. So off I go to get the ice packs.

Sunday it's expected to snow bad, and we have coffee hour. Ma says we'e not going in that weather, and will drop off the food Saturday. Except now she's trashed herself and doesn't know if she can drive today (today beng Saturday). Maybe we can call someone from church to pick it up for us.

Please pray/light a candle/send some healing vibes for Ma's recovery.
The Master

Christmas Part 2.

Today's my birthday (yay!). I'm now 48. If you have a problem with my age, you can suck it. My life has been a lot better since I turned 30, I can tell you.Anyhow, first thing's first. I went to my knitting group to see the gals and knit (dur hey) and got a cake from them as well!

Then I came home, replied to a zillion happy birthday wishes on Facebook. Ok, maybe not a zillion, but a lot. In a brithday card for me from Ma were a bunch of old photos (me sporting a fro!) and this one of me (on left) and my best friend (on right) in Girl Scouts. God knows how old that picture is, there's no date, but it was in the 70s.

I had mini birhday at home with Ma, opening her prezzies to me. My favorite is the Van Gogh book.

Later on, Brother and Lady Fair came over and we had a second Christmas with them. My fave gift from them is the painting. double cool as I was told it was painted by someone with dementia at Lady Fair's nursing home (Lady Fair works there, I mean. Not live there).

The Master

Christmas Part 1.

I say "Part 1" because tomorrow there's a sequel on my birthday with Brother and Ladty Fair.


First off, Ma had terrible leg cramps during the night before Christmas Eve, so she couldn't make any of the services. I went with Lady Fair to her church for the children's Christmas Eve service, which was a lot of fun. Sorry I didn't bring my camera for that.

Christmas morning, there's the waking up to see Santa has arrived to us.

Then there's the traditional corn muffin breakfast.

We went ot a service a morning  Christmas service at the church where I have my kknitting group.

Then we went to the graveyard to put things up for relatives and friends gone.

When we got home, we had lunch. Several delays later, we finally started to open presents at 2:00 pm.

The loot.

The Master

Yesterday's Remnants

Forgot some pictures. Here's the weather yesterday, according to our car:

It felt colder than that because it was windy as hell.

Also, some decorations. Love my Chinese restaurant.

Advent wreath with snowmen watching, for some reason. Note our demoted broken tree angel in the background.

I got to pick out my birthday cake, so I chose this one.

The Master

Girls Day Out

Today was run errands day, so we made the most of it. First we went to the bank (natch), then to CVS to pick up meds that I didn't need filling yet. we got hunrgy, so we went to 99's.

Ma's seafood chowder and my hamburger.

Which promptly poured grease all over my shirt. Luckily, it's my bummy shirt. I was going to wear a nice shirt today.

We went to Walmart so I could get a pair of shoes, which I've been needing for months but haven't had the money for. Two pairs at $14 each, except when they rang up, one only cost $3. We also got yarn for a shawl I just made (needed it for fringe. Must have fringe.)

Men's size 8 wide. Yes, I have big feet.

Then came time to donate blood. Haven't done it in ages.

And still couldn't be cause my iron was one whole point lower than needed to donate. They even tried a second finger for a second try.

My fingers have a heartbeat.

Ma, however, coud donate, which is weird, as she usually can't.

And here she is, being smug.

Miss Heroin Kitty


Okay, much catching up.

I got a new doctor and a new dentist and I no longer have a therapist but that's fine. I've been doing well wihout her.

I trashed my knee in June (I got out of bed, left leg was numb and it slid until I did the splits), but recovered in two weeks, two weeks less than expected.

I'm now volunteering at a library book store. It's two hour shifts. I can finally get some reading done in peace and quiet. Plus the books are super cheap ($1.50 for hard cover, $1 for paperback).

And now, the best news, starting with awful news. Because I take lithium, I have to have my blood tested, to make sure my liver's okay. The recent results I got? My kidneys are working at 50%. The main culprit is the lithium, so my psychiatrist said I have to get off it. I'm almost comletely off it and I've noticed something wonderful -  I don't have hand tremors anymore. I've had hand tremors for almost 10 years. I first noticed the change when I ate rice with a fork and it didn't shake off all over the place. I can hold a plate. I stood in place and held a mug and stirred the hot cocoa with a spoon. (I couldn't hold a cup of hot anything and walk it anywhere without viciously shaking and spilling it before). I could hold my church booklet and I was able to read it without it jumping everrywhere. These seem like ordinary, everyday things to anyone else, but they're bloody miracles to me.

TV Charlie


I'm down with the depression again and still have no therapist (still on maternity leave, and they don't have anyone filling in all that time).

I need new CPAP supplies but they say I'm not covered but they'll call some company for me that does coverage and yeah, it's been 6 days and no one's called me back.

Also because of this new stupid health plan I'm on, I can no longer see my doctor, who I like a lot. The insurance people gave me phone numbers for two doctors that are covered in my town. I've yet to go play phone tag with them.

There's somthing wrong with my eyesight, I can stay focused on anything. Which makes reading and knitting a real bitch. I don't see the eye doctor til Feburary, provided the damned insurance covers it.

And to that the empty feeling of depression, where I hardly go online anymore because it just doesn't do it for me... I'm a sad,m tired thing, oh my little pumpkins.
The Master

Getting Near Christmas!

I am so behind in my Christmas duties. I haven't wrapped anything yet. Yesterday, I finally brought the tree up from the cellar and after a fight with it, got it standing. Not decorated mind you, but at least it's out of the cellar. Ma has begun baking a ton of cookies and breads.We've been watching Christmas movies everfy night for about two weeks now. Well, I've been watching, Ma keeps falling asleep.